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Making The Home Gym A Household Business

We're in the fitness business for people who are on the go or looking for something more. With new microgyms opening worldwide, we're helping more every day!

Who we are

We are an online community of microgym owners running our companies from the comfort and convenience of our home gyms. We offer fitness enthusiasts a new kind of gym to call home and travelers a home gym away from home gym. Check out a group fitness class, rack time, or book personal training sessions with GORX Fitness. With our unique home microgym concept, there's always a place for fitness enthusiasts and travelers to enjoy their workout.

What we do

Our mission is to open doors for everyone seeking a richer life through fitness and community.

Founded by an Active Duty Officer in the US Army, we believe microgyms are the new model for fitness with the potential to change the world. They will not only create healthier neighborhoods but will revitalize entire communities.

"One of the truly great things about the microgym experience is you are a guest in someone's home. It's what makes you special, and it's why, when you stay for a while, you feel right at home."

Andrew Towers - Founder and CEO


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