Join the veterans of the GORX SkillBridge Program

Our mission is to provide veterans with the skill development, mentorship, and relevant experience needed to succeed in their civilian careers..

About the program

Our fully-remote SkillBridge Training Plan for GORX Fitness is designed to provide Service Members with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a successful career in tech, health, and fitness. The training opportunity is thoughtfully organized to maximize the use of time and resources.

We'll align you by your interests, with opportunities in Project Management, Product Design & Innovation, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, and more!

What you'll do

- Understand the core principles of tech, health, and fitness
- Learn how to use relevant software tools to manage projects and create innovative products
- Acquire the necessary skills to communicate and establish a successful customer relationship effectively
- Comprehend basic business principles and strategies for success in entrepreneurship
- Develop an understanding of digital marketing and social media strategy
- Gain direct experience in a professional work environment with real-world projects
- Product optimization and scalability

Join a thriving, global fitness movement

GORX Fitness isn't just a platform, but a broader community of at-home trainers and microgyms. Tap into the expanding community of like-minded individuals that are redefining the fitness industry.

Fully Remote

The civilian workplace infrastructure is adapting with modern solutions. Work from wherever with flexible work schedules making it easy to balance all of life's requirements.

Personal Mentorship from Veterans, for Veterans

GORX Fitness is Veteran owned and operated, you'll start your civilian career alongside others that have made the transition and know what it's like. As a SkillBridge Intern, you'll immediately be part of the family!

Build your resume

Our program aligns you according to your skills, interests, and career goals. Apply your unique experiences, build your professional brand, and start your journey to success.

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These gyms, which have converted garages and other household spaces, can be found all across America! With minimal start-up costs and low ongoing expenses, we see more people start these home-based gyms every day.


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