What is a Microgym?

A for-profit home gym business and space a person shares to build community, earn income, and support others in their fitness journeys.

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''When a home with a gym opens for business''

Believe it or not, these converted garage and home gym businesses are widespread across America! Due to minimal start-up costs and low overheads, the number of people launching these home-based gyms continues to grow daily.  

Why are they growing?

As gym memberships grow costly, many opt for home-based fitness alternatives to remain fit. Microgyms provide a private space for focused training, personal training sessions, or intimate group exercises. They serve as an ideal, affordable solution for those seeking privacy or small-scale workout environments.

why start a microgym?

Make A Difference

Owning a microgym is a way for you to help people on their journey toward living a fitter and healthier version of themselves.

Earn Extra Income

Microgyms are low-cost, high-benefit propositions. With minimal start up costs and the potential to make great returns, a microgym is an ideal way to turn your home gym into a profitable business.

Save More On Taxes

Operating a home-based business allows you to deduct household expenses like utilities, internet, telephone charges, insurance, security systems, and more.

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