What is a Microgym?

A gym that starts small and stays small. Get to know everything about the latest trend sweeping the fitness industry today.

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''When a home with a gym opens for business''

These gyms, which have converted garages and other household spaces, can be found all across America! With minimal start-up costs and low ongoing expenses, we see more people start these home-based gyms every day.

Why are they growing?

With gym memberships becoming increasingly expensive, many people are turning to home fitness solutions to stay in shape. Microgyms are a natural extension of this cultural trend and offer people a space to train privately, book personal training sessions or small group fitness classes. They are the perfect solution for those seeking a low-cost way of getting fit or desire workouts in private or small group settings.

why start a home microgym?

Make A Difference

As a home microgym owner you are in a position to help people improve their lives through fitness and community. Guide your clients in their journey toward a fitter and healthier version of themselves.

Earn Passive Income

Starting a microgym is the ultimate side hustle. How? Host a workout or offer a personal trainer your gym to train their clients. Successful home microgyms can earn up to five figures a month!

Save More On Taxes

As a home-based business you can deduct home expenses like utilities, internet, phone costs, insurance, security systems, and more. This is, of course, in addition to the more traditional costs to run your business.

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