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4 Tips to Build Your Microgym's Brand

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Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash


Are you building a microgym, personal training studio, or fitness home with the intention of turning the home gym into your own empire? If so, then you need to know how to build your brand. You can't just open up shop and expect people to magically show up.  Here are four tips for making your home gym business stand out:

1. Hire a pro to create a logo that represents your brand

Need a logo for your new microgym? We all know that logo design is an essential component of any business, but the cost can be prohibitive. Why not hire a professional graphic designer on to create the perfect logo for you? For as little as $5, their designers will design a custom logo that is all yours and ready to go!

Fiverr features many different designers, from web design specialists to photographers, copywriters, to graphic artists. You can even hire someone to create unique t-shirt designs that represents what your business is about! It really doesn't get any easier.

2. Use social media to create an online presence for your business

You want to create a brand that people will love and feel connected with. Show off those muscles! Post photos of yourself in action doing fitness-related things, show off the results of clients who have achieved their goals and share inspirational stories about other athletes who are overcoming adversity through fitness.

Post often so people know they can count on you for updates. Be consistent, posting content around the same time each day, so they know when to expect new content from you. Don't post too many ads because that's annoying - just enough so they'll remember what it is you offer outside of gym mirror selfies!

Do you like writing your own workouts? Create a flashy template and post free workouts daily!

3. Utilize free tools like Canva and Designspiration to design graphics for your website, Instagram posts, etc

Chances are you are not a professional graphic designer, and you don't need to be to know designing graphics is not only time-consuming and expensive, but it can also be challenging to know where to start. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of free tools out there that make it easy and affordable!, Designspiration, Bazaart, and more are affordable and easy to use. Gone are the days of photoshop! Whether you want a quote graphic, workout plan graphic, or food pic graphic - there are tons of templates available on each of these tools.

4. Get creative with how you promote your gym

Are you the kind of person that thrives when engaging with other people? Offer fun contests or giveaways, host fitness classes at local venues in the community, or offer pop-up classes at the local park. We've seen many home microgym owners have huge success offering things like these!

Do you write your own programming? Start building your brand outside of the home gym.  Sign up on as a freelancer and start offering clients outside of your gym quality programming.


If you have been thinking about starting your own microgym, there are plenty of free and affordable tools out there to help you build your brand, so it’s time to start shopping for what will work best for you. So, use our 4 tips to build your microgym brand today!

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