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5 Reasons Google My Business Will Grow Your Home Microgym

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Google My Business (GMB) has so many awesome features to offer small businesses, and for home microgym owners. Signing up on GMB will certainly help your business grow for a number of reasons. In this article, we provide 5 reasons Google My Business will grow your microgym business!

1. Reach a Larger Audience

One of the most obvious reasons that small business owners, in particular, sign up for Google My Business is to grow their online presence. As helpful as it may be to have a website, you need to attract traffic to said website through external resources, such as Google My Business. GMB allows business owners to make all of their contact information public, thus, allowing you to promote your website and have more potential clients visit your website. This is, of course, a perfect opportunity to show off your microgym to web surfers!

2. Appear in Maps and Local Business Listings

As a microgym, you need to attract local clients. The best way to do this is to ensure your gym is listed on as many local business lists as possible. GMB is one of the most commonly viewed business listing sites, so it only makes sense to create a profile for your microgym. Once you select the location of your microgym, the next time someone within proximity of your business looks for a local microgym, your business will be shown to them! This can help clients click on your listing, learn more about your business, and potentially become regular clients.

3. Gain Business Reviews

Although it may seem worrying to some to think that anybody can leave a review on your business, it is quite beneficial if your microgym truly offers an enjoyable experience. If you are proud of the service you offer, and clients appreciate it, they will not hesitate to leave a 5-star review on your GMB profile which will help boost credibility.

Better reviews on GMB will also help boost your ranking in local business lists, meaning your business will be seen by more people.

4. Helpful Insights

Besides directly showing your business to more potential consumers, GMB can also provide beneficial information that will help you make better business decisions and better understand your client market.

A few of the cool statistics and insights that GMB has to offer include:

  • Views - How many people have seen your business profile on GMB?
  • Search Queries - What did people search to find your business?
  • Engagement - What kind of content should you post more often?
  • Clicks - How many people clicked your website link through GMB?

All of these important statistics and information can help you understand what your clients want, so you can adapt your business plan to suit their needs and continue growing your microgym.

5. It's a Free Service

Creating a business profile with GMB is completely risk-free. If you do not notice any increase in sales or client engagement, the good thing is that you have not made any investment. GMB is a free service for businesses, thus, it only offers benefits.

We believe GMB is a cost-effective tool for micro gyms as you often do not have spare funds to invest in such services, thus, GMB is very helpful thanks to its free service and features.


Now that you have seen all the ways Google My Business can help your microgym grow and hit its next goal, we strongly encourage you to head over to the Google My Business website and sign up!

Ready to start your home microgym?  Follow these 4 steps to get started today!

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