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5 Steps to Piece Together the Perfect Home Gym!

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Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


Are you looking for a way to get your workouts in without having to pay for an expensive gym membership? Do you want the space and privacy that only comes with working out at home? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you! We will be discussing what components are needed to piece together the perfect home gym.

1. Determine your goal

What is your goal with the home gym? Is it weight loss? Muscle building? Figure sculpting? Knowing this will help narrow down what type of equipment you need. For example, if you're trying to achieve muscle mass, then free weights might be best; while if you want to lose weight, then you'll want a mix of weightlifting equipment and cardio machines.

2. Find the right equipment

Fitness gear is expensive, and it's important to know your goals before making any big purchases. Do you want a full set up with weights, kettlebells, rowing machine etc.? Or would something like an exercise ball or yoga mat suffice? Be sure to consider space limitations as well; if there isn't much room in your apartment, then large equipment may be impractical. Remember that many pieces of fitness gear can be used interchangeably so don't feel like you need to buy everything.

3. Find a space in your house that will be dedicated solely as a workout space

This is key because it will keep clutter and distractions away from where you work out and focus on what's important: fitness! You also reduce the risk to yourself and others when clutter is removed. Don't overlook this point. Remember that whole ordeal with the Peloton treadmill? Avoid accidents by separating your workout space from your living space.

4. Measure and purchase your equipment

It's important that you have all the right equipment before beginning construction because there may not be room or money left over after completion. You want this space to be enjoyable and functional so make sure everything is sized correctly and matches your needs. This includes squat racks, storage units, cardio machines, weight plates (if weightlifting), dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.

5. Decorate your gym in a way that motivates you to want to go there

Chances are you know precisely the type of content that motivates you. Think motivational posters, quotes on the walls, epic artwork, etc. But if you're ever lacking inspiration, get by browsing Pinterest or Instagram accounts of people who are making their home gyms work for them!


No matter your goals, whether to stay in shape or bulk up, piecing together the perfect home gym can make life easier for you. There is no need to spend hours at the gym when you have everything right at your fingertips with the help of some quality equipment and a little creativity. If this sounds like something that would work well for you, start shopping today!

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