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How To Sell Branded Apparel From Your Home-Based Microgym

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Photo by abhishek gaurav on Unsplash


If you're an entrepreneur with a home-based microgym, it can be challenging to build your brand. But there are some great ways to get the word out about what you do, earn extra income, and boost your following! One proven method is by selling apparel that features your logo and branding. This article will introduce you to the brilliance of dropshipping and how it's putting the power to sell into everyday people's hands. Read on to learn how to sell branded apparel from your home-based microgym!

What is Dropshipping?

Simply put, it's print-on-demand services. Dropshipping is a business model where you don't keep any inventory; instead, you sell items using e-commerce platforms like,, or and rely on suppliers resourced through the dropshipping company to send your products when they are ordered. It allows entrepreneurs to sell branded items without worrying about fulfillment. All the entrepreneur has to do is promote their branded apparel.

Why Start Dropshipping?

You can enjoy all the benefits of selling online without having to invest in expensive equipment or upfront costs. Thanks to companies like, and, they make it easy for you to start an online store with no upfront cost, no risk, and zero technical skills required.  Connect your e-commerce platform, upload your product automatically, and voila - you're selling branded apparel! It's that easy!

Using Dropshipping To Promote Your Microgym

Are you planning to open a home-based microgym or searching for ways to expand your brand? Yes? Then, you should consider selling apparel. When someone wears branded clothing, they're associating themselves with that tribe. Part of your job is to build a community within your clientele, and a proven means to that end is by selling branded apparel. Dropshipping with companies like remove nearly every barrier traditionally stopping everyday people from selling branded apparel.

Dropshipping Toolkit

For all the awesome features dropshipping offers, it can't design your apparel for you. Fortunately, there are tools out there that can turn anyone into a modern-day Picasso. With mobile and web applications like Canva, Designspiration, and Bazaart it is easy to create visually captivating graphics. Whether you're looking for workout plan or food graphics - there are tons of available templates to get the creative juices flowing.

But if you are like me, you prefer to hire a professional, and is the perfect website to find one. Whether it's web design or graphic artistry, you'll quickly be able to tell that these talented individuals have what it takes not only to create any t-shirt design but to apply your branding style, too - all for as little as $5 a design!


With the help of dropshipping companies, you can now start promoting your brand and products with just one click! Gone are the days when selling apparel was too difficult a task for the average person. With companies like Printful, Fiverr, and others, anyone can make an income selling branded apparel!

Did you enjoy learning how to sell branded apparel from you home-based microgym?  Let us know and drop us a comment @gorxfitness! Please note: this post contains affiliate links.