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Opening a Microgym - Laws & Regulations

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Photo by Jelmer Assink on Unsplash


You want to open a microgym, but you don’t know where to start. We get it! There are certain laws and regulations that you should be mindful of when it comes to opening a microgym. The potential that comes with turning your home gym into a microgym is immense, but only if done correctly. If you are unsure of the laws that may affect your microgym, be sure to read until the end of this guide.

Registering a Microgym (State)

While this first point mainly affects those in the United States, there may be a similar process in your country. Whether you own a home hair studio, home bakery, or a microgym, the same procedure applies when it comes to registering your business with your state of residence. Depending on the state in which you are running your microgym, you will be required to provide certain information to the state’s secretary. Most often, the information you must provide to run a business from your home includes your phone number, name of the business, the business owner’s name, and your address.

Registering a Microgym (City/Town)

After registering a microgym with the state, you will need to do the same with the city or county in which your business is operating. You will usually need to provide the same kind of information that you provided when registering your microgym business with the state. Depending on where your microgym is located, you may also be required to obtain an occupational license, however, this is completely situational and will depend on the city or county in which your business is located.

Getting Set Up With The IRS

It’s vital that your business be properly registered with the IRS. To register your microgym with the Internal Revenue Service, can visit their website. Please also note that microgyms without employees can simply be registered using your personal social security number. Microgyms with one or more employees, on the other hand, will require registering for an employer identification number (EIN) or business tax identification number (TIN).

Obtaining a Zoning Permit for a Microgym

This point is once again situational. Depending on the state and country out of which your microgym is operating, you may need to obtain a zoning permit in order to be eligible to run a business out of your home. Without a permit of this kind, it may be illegal to run a microgym from a residential building, however, not all areas require these permits.


While this covers some laws and regulations to keep in consideration when it comes toopening a microgym, we invite you to check out our “Starting a Microgym - Things to Consider” article that offers even more insight on things you will need to think about before opening the doors to your very own micro gym. Overall, we hope this article has helped you get a general idea of some laws and procedures you will need to follow to start a microgym business.

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**Disclaimer:** Information in this article is not an official source, and consulting a lawyer regarding law-related business choices is highly recommended.