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5 Ways To Make Some Extra Cash With Your Home Gym

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Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash


Do you have a home gym? If so, congratulations! You're among the lucky few who don't need to spend on expensive monthly gym memberships, but obviously money can still be hard to come by. Fortunately, we've got ideas on 5 ways to make some extra with your home gym if you find yourself strapped for cash!

1. Start a Home-Based Microgym

This is what we do, so of course, we will have something to say about microgyms. We will spare you a lecture on how microgym's are taking the fitness industry by storm; you can browse our website and learn for yourself. Suffice it to say, a home microgym is a personal gym in a garage, basement, or detached structure that's operated as a small business.

These small businesses can be a source of passive income, active income, or both depending on how you choose to run them. Offer people a place to drop in and get in a private workout or workout with a friend, and your home gym will earn you passive income. Or, choose to offer personal training sessions to paying clients, and it's a source for active income.

Naturally, the catch is that you will have to put in a little work upfront to get your business started. Fortunately for you, we offer free resources to help you get started. Check out our step by step guide to convert your home gym into a microgym!

2. Offer your home gym to personal trainers to train their clients

Let's face it, most of us use our home gym for maybe 2 hours a day. The other 22 hours a day, that shiny equipment sits around waiting to get used. But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of running a microgym.  Outside of starting a microgym, the most obvious way to make a little extra cash with a home gym is to let someone else, like a personal trainer, use it to train their clients!

There are two scenarios where this makes sense:

  1. An established personal trainer wants to break away from their current gym to take home more pay per client
  2. An inexperienced personal trainer needs a space to get their career started

In both instances, your home gym becomes their workspace. And depending on the arrangement between you two, you can make $25-$150 per month per client so that they can show up and use your home gym! That's not bad at all when you consider most of us aren't using it 90 percent of the day.

3. Use a dropshipping service to sell branded apparel

Ever thought of selling a t-shirt with your home gym's logo? Dropshipping companies like offer private label, print-on-demand services and ship worldwide! These companies are becoming one of the most popular ways to start a business. They require no upfront capital or inventory to invest in, can ship physical products anywhere for little to no cost, and get you some decent profit margins, too!  So, why not start selling t-shirts rocking your brand?

To start dropshipping branded apparel, you'll need a website and e-commerce platform. Fortunately, many platforms make it easy to build an online store without needing any coding experience. Platforms like take minutes to set up an account and have dozens of templates to kickstart your website, and if you use that link you'll get 10% off your order! Before you know it the website will be done and you'll be dropshipping in just a few clicks.

We talk more on dropshipping in our blog post how to sell branded apparel for your home-based microgym.

4. Sell your workouts on

We talk a lot about Fiverr on this blog, and for a good reason. Fiverr is the largest freelancer marketplace on the internet today! But we've only mentioned it in terms of how someone might use it to build their brand. In this case, we'll give you a few tips to leverage it as an extra source of income!

If you're like many of us in the home gym community, chances are you write your workouts! Even if you pay or follow a free workout program, it's likely you still have to modify the workout. Home gyms are fantastic, but they don't have every piece of equipment you're going to find in a big-box gym or require for the program you follow. So why not sell your workouts to others in similar circumstances? Let's go! Sign up as an individual freelancer or business owner and start selling!

Here are some quick tips to be successful on Fiverr:

  1. Create a short gig title
  2. Let customers know exactly what to expect with a detailed service description
  3. Upload high-quality images and/or videos that illustrate your service
  4. Attach a guarantee to your service
  5. Add some irresistible extras to your service for customers to tack on at checkout

By the way, these tips are skill agnostic.  You can apply them to sell any number of services on Fiverr.  Do you have some skill as a graphic designer?  Is your day spent copy-writing for some fortune 500 company?  Maybe you are a skilled artist and can see yourself illustrating for aspiring children's book writers.  Take what you are good at, and sell it.

Need some help designing your logo or building a website instead?  Sign up with this link to get 10% off your first order! For as little as $5, you can have someone design a professional logo for you to use across your business.

5. Rent out your unused gym equipment

If none of the ideas we've mentioned work for you, why not rent out the equipment you haven't been using? Is any of it gathering dust in your basement, garage, or shed? Consider listing it on peer-to-peer rental sites like Sites like FriendWithA allow users to list and rent unused household items. Don't have an extra barbell to list? Cool, list that Canon camera you bought a couple of years ago but never used.


How do you make money with your home gym? Follow us on Instagram and let us know. Make a microgym, sell workouts on, list unused items for rent on or any of the many other creative ways to generate some extra cash from what's already in your house!